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NYACC General Meeting
Thursday May 14, 2015
at 7PM

At NYU - 32 Waverly Place, Silver Building
Check With Front Desk for room number

Artificial Intelligence and Commonsense Reasoning

Presented by Ernest Davis, NYU Professor of Computer Science

Since the earliest days of artificial intelligence, it has been recognized that commonsense reasoning is one of the central challenges in the field. However, progress in this area has on the whole been frustratingly slow. Davis will discuss why commonsense reasoning is needed to achieve human-level performance in tasks like natural language processing, vision, and robotics, why the problem is so difficult, and why progress has been slow. He will also discuss what kind of progress has been made, what kind of techniques have been tried, and prospects for going forward.

Ernest Davis is Professor of Computer Science at NYU, and has been a faculty member at NYU since 1983. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in a number of subjects, including artificial intelligence, web search engines, data structures and algorithms, programming languages, and math for computer scientists. His research area is representation of commonsense knowledge for AI systems, particularly commonsense spatial and physical knowledge. He has written three books and more than 50 research papers.

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